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Qualifying Criteria

You qualify if you receive one of the ECO3 Scheme’s Qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other Allowances. Additional Qualifying Allowances were added in October 2018 such as PIP, DLA, Child Benefit and some MOD benefits.

You will qualify if your Council have an ECO approved LA FLEX scheme in operation and you meet their criteria.

To find out if you qualify please click on the one of the four ECO measures on the homepage and complete the online form. If you would like multiple ECO measures don’t worry the form will ask if you are interested in any other measures.

Measure Qualifying Criteria

Free Storage Heater Installation

The main source of heating in your home must be either electric panel heaters, electric room heaters or no heating to qualify for a grant to install electric storage heaters.

Free Storage Heater Replacement

If you have existing storage heaters to get these replaced, you will require an insulation measure installing alongside the storage heater to qualify. Qualifying insulation measures are solid wall insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Flat Roof Insulation, Room In Roof Insulation and Underfloor Insulation.

Free Solid Wall Insulation

If you have solid wall, Timber Frame or a System Built property you will qualify for funding. Please note if your homes main heating source is electric this be covered 100% by the grant. If your property is on any other heating source other than electric a contribution from the customer will be required.

Free Solar Installation

If your home is heated electrically and your roof is suitable then 100% of the works are covered by the grant. Please note if not enough panels can be fitted on the roof then the installation would not be fully refunded.